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Reshaping Lives. Bridging Opportunities.

What We Do

Our goal at Sisters Outreach Each 1 Teach 1 is to take young women aged 18-24 years out of the foster care system, and to help build a brighter future for them. Through our programs, we also train our youth in Cleveland, Ohio to grow up with a strong self-esteem and a purpose in life. Below are the training courses we provide:

Training – High School and College Tutoring

  • Healthy Eating
  • Culture, Etiquette
  • Budgeting
  • Life Skills
  • Leadership Training
  • What Is Love
  • Choosing a Career
  • Instilling Core Values

Counseling – One-on-One Counseling Care and Mentoring

18-24 Years Old

  • Abuse
  • Family
  • Sexual Assault
  • Personal Life Coach
  • Personal Mentor

Job Readiness – Employment

        • Training and Direction
        • Placement Assistance
        • Interview Skills
        • Resume Writing
        • Application Assistance

Program – Transitions

        • Social Worker
        • Nursing Assistant
        • Insurance
        • Administrative Assistant
        • Construction
        • Medical Transcription
        • Professional Drivers


Classes will be held 4 nights per week from these choices:

    • Monday – Study and Tutoring (College Preparation)
    • Tuesday – My Finances - or - Money Smart
    • Wednesday – Employment Training
    • Thursday – Dress for Success, My Style Shopping and Healthy Cooking and Eating
    • Friday – Why We Hurt and How We Heal
    • Saturday – Cultural Outing and Sex Education
    • Sunday – The Spiritual Journey, This Is How We Grow

NOTE: Classes are free and mandatory 4 days a week.

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